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Missionaries of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

The Missionaries of the Sacred Heart of Jesus who manage Casa Cabrini are a Religious Congregation founded in 1880 in Codogno (Lo) in Lombardy by Saint Francesca Cabrini who wanted to create a Missionary Institute to be able to show the Love of the Sacred Heart to all peoples of Jesus.


Her great desire to go to China to bring the Word of God to those populations did not come true because Providence showed her a new field of work: the Italian emigrants who left by the thousands for the Americas in search of work, hope and better conditions of life. Supported by her faith and by the Holy Father Leo XIII, who encouraged her to accept this new apostolic field, Mother Cabrini became the Mother of Emigrants, caring for them throughout her life.

With his Missionaries who became part of his Congregation by the hundreds, he founded schools, boarding schools, orphanages and hospitals to relieve the poor conditions of his compatriots. The Institute spread throughout Europe, North and South America. 

Today the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart are present in 17 countries: Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, England, the United States (Illinois, Colorado, Louisiana, New York, Pennsylvania), Nicaragua, Guatemala, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, the Islands Philippines, Australia, Russia, Swaziland, Ethiopia. There are about 100 religious communities in the various states and volunteers and lay Cabrinian missionaries collaborate.
The missionary commitment is very diversified as it seeks to respond to the needs of the people where the Missionaries and their lay collaborators are inserted.

The Apostolic priorities include: pastoral care of education, hospitals, youth and families, pastoral care for immigrants, for the promotion of women, for street children and for the elderly. There are many collaborations with ecclesial movements, international conferences, cultural, diocesan and parish initiatives, also collaborating in formation in theological institutes and national and international seminaries.
The Cabrinian lay movement develops through collaboration, co-responsibility in missionary works and activities, national and international volunteering, the Cabrinian Lay Missionaries and participation in the missionary spirituality of St. Frances Cabrini.

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